Crowdfunding made easy and affordable.

Our white-label solution is a one-stop-shop with everything you need for launching a crowdfunding platform or for raising funds directly from your own website - Smoothly integrated in your own layout and design.

Raise funding through equity, lending, convertible notes, rewards, and donations. Turn your happy customers into loyal investors.

Design, launch and manage crowdfunding platforms or funding campaigns in no-time with our "shopify for crowdfunding" Software-as-a-Service.
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Unlocking private wealth together

Our white-label solution is a one-stop-solution that makes it easier for you to raise funds through crowd investment. No need for traditional "analogue" methods - We have found a smarter, easier and more affordable way.
  • Easily reach out to many potential investors
  • Raise funds directly from your own website
  • Launch crowd equity (shares), crowdlending (loan) or rewards (product) campaigns
  • Supports full-blown investment platforms and stand-alone campaigns
  • Easy integration into your existing software solutions - AML/KYC validation and monitoring included

Raising capital is HARD work.

Fundraising can be extremely time-consuming, slow and exhausting. Building a funnel, setting up meetings, presenting and performing (even more stressful if you are an introverted founder), dealing with many different demands, being an "underdog" and seeing the valuation drop after each meeting.... and you're still not able to get in touch with the right private investors.

We have been there and it was not a nice place to be. So we decided to turn something that's really exhausting, confusing and time-consuming into something that gives you confidence and free time to focus on building your business/project.

Let's make fundraising accessible and easy

We want to make crowd investments available to every platform, company and equity fund out there, so you can focus on great projects, your company, generating revenue, creating more jobs and developing the society. CleverAdam is a white-label crowd investment solution that makes all this possible.

It is a Software-as-a-Service that you embed into your website. You have full control via our campaign editor, so styling, colors and tone of voice can match your brand and visual identity.

Out white-label takes care of everything needed to launch and manage a successful crowd investment campaign; From campaign design, collecting leads, teaser/full access modes, validating investors, signing digital documents to crowd investor lists and more.

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A crowdfunding one-stop-shop that turns your customers into investors.

Private funds for the taking

In Denmark alone more than DKK is currently standing idly by on private banking accounts with zero or negative interest. Let's change that...

Increase brand awareness

Raising funds directly from your own website helps increase your brand awareness and the success rate of your campaign, as investors can also be customers and vice versa.

Easy integration done in hours

With some technical know-how you can have your setup up and running in no-time. And if you need any help, our support is ready to assist.

Big or small - one size fits all

Platform™ is the right choice if you need to launch a complete investment platform or a single funding campaign - we got you covered.

But wait, there's more...

Smoothly integrated

Both layout and design can be adapted your visual identity, so the solution appears as a fully integrated part of your site. Also add styling, colors, links, pictures, video etc. to the campaign pages. We can assist with the integration.

Compliance out-of-the-box

The legal compliance requirements for launching a crowd investment platform or campaign can be an overwhelming task. Platform™ offer processes and integrations for investor validation (AML/KYC) and financial appropriateness tests.

Lead collection included

Platform™ supports collecting of hard and soft leads (sign-ups) with integration into a number of email campaign-tools. Getting sign-ups and building up interest is often very important - both for single campaigns and investment platforms.

Online marketing ready

Each funding campaign comes with a unique link optimized for SEO and social media. You, your marketing agency (or us) can set-up high-converting lead ads to generate traffic to your campaign.

Combine with BA / VC

You can combine your funding campaign with equity or lending from Business Angels, Venture Capitalist or public funds. Describe these as "lead investors" in your funding campaign and include the amount to show that professional investors are supporting your company/project.

One login to rule them all

Login™ makes it easy for your investors to invest, and re-invest, across multiple platform campaigns, with a single and safe login. Your platform or funding campaign can be connected with our single-sign-on for increased reach.

Digital signature

Get the legal documents signed easily with our integrated digital signature flow. We've partnered with one of the best eSignature- and CLM-services in the market to provide you ease of mind.

Money management

Platform™ makes it easy for you to see the money flow and even easier to manage the money flow with automated interest and share calculations.

Secure and private

Platform™ has been build with GDPR and "Privacy by design" at hand. We are also pending audit for compliance with the SOC2 auditing procedure. Everything is encrypted.

Now, that's clever.