Our Mission

Unlocking private
wealth together

The legal and financial regulation and compliance requirements for launching a crowdfunding campaign or -platform can be a daunting task to take on. There's many pitfalls, bureaucracy, catch 22's and potential dead ends that draws focus away from your business. This moves your hard earned money into your lawyers and accountants pockets - instead of your own.

We want to unlock private wealth together, by making crowdfunding accessible and easy to use for everyone, so you can focus on generating revenue, securing jobs, paying more taxes and hopefully even get more time with your family.

1.000 billion

In Denmark alone more than DKK is currently standing idly by on private banking accounts with zero or negative interest.


In Denmark more than 30.000 business is formed every year. Around 50% are looking for external funding or equity to survive or increase growth.


CleverAdam is the first one-stop-shop for all things crowdfunding, closing the gap between small businesses looking for funding and private investors.

Now, that's clever.