October 23, 2021

How to Make a Good FAQ For a Crowd Investment Platform - Use it Proactively in Your Marketing

When launching a crowd investment platform (or a platform with syndicates investments), it is highly recommended to invest time in making a good FAQ.

In this blog post we will cover these topics:

  1. Make your Customer service look good,
  2. Repurpose FAQ content for marketing,
  3. An example of a great FAQ for crowd investments, and
  4. some final tips and tricks

Generally speaking a FAQ (on any website) is a place where customers/visitors can find often asked questions. That is obvious; hence the name Frequently Asked Questions.

In terms of launching and managing an investment platform, the FAQ can be used proactively especially in terms of

  • Customer support and
  • In your marketing- and newsletter activities

The FAQ should preferably reside on your marketing site, and not within the investment portal/platform. This is important as the links to the FAQ must be public (meaning not behind any login) and often times it is much easier for your marketing department to maintain and add new FAQ points from within the marketing site.

Think of the FAQ as a dynamic element = The better the FAQ, the easier the job for your Customer Service employees will be. A well-described FAQ adds trust. The good FAQ is an important part of your digital marketing strategy, so make it great.

Make Your Customer Service Look Good

When serving investors with nice and friendly customer service, you can refer to links in your FAQ where relevant standard answers are available. This makes it faster/easier for both you and the investor.

If you have received the same questions a few times and it is not answered in your current FAQ, then take a note and make a new FAQ point. 

If possible you should build your FAQ with unique links for each entry or at least for each section for better easy direct linking and the obvious SEO benefits

Repurpose Your FAQ Content for Marketing

You can use your FAQ entries as relevant content when posting/advertising on social media and when sending newsletters (both automated education flows and ad hoc).

The questions you often receive in customer service and when you talk to people are probably also the same questions your followers/audiences on social media have. Meaning that you can proactively “push” / provide the questions and answers by posting and advertising on social media - Both as content for your team and company profiles and as paid ads. By linking to your FAQ you will get the desired traffic (and potentially leads/investments).

Similar to marketing, you can use the FAQ in your newsletters to “push” relevant content to the subscribers. Talk about the topic, briefly describe the answer and put in the link to the FAQ for a full answer.

It can be relevant to update the automated newsletter “education flow” (which is recommended) with the questions you often receive from customer service, from social media, and other channels.

An Example of a Great FAQ for Crowd Investments

The FAQ and questions/answers vary depending on the platform and the specific industry. As an example, here as a table of contents of a great FAQ targeted crowd investments which may inspire you:

1. Responsibility
  • Who should invest in xxx projects on our platform?
  • Can [name of platform] recommend some real estate projects?
  • Who is responsible for the content of the xxx project on our platform?
  • What does a peer-to-peer agreement between the crowd investor and the xxx company mean, and what co-responsibility does [name of platform] have for this agreement?
2. General
  • Can I invest as a private person and as a company investor?
  • How does [name of platform] make money?
  • What investment horizon should I have?
  • Can I undo/cancel my investment?
  • What type of xxx projects are offered on our platform?
  • What function does our platform fulfill and what is the purpose for [name of platform]?
  • What is crowd equity/crowdlending?
3. Investment
  • How and when is the ROI created?
  • How and when can I sell my shares/loans and get a refund?
  • How does a stock/loan in a xxx project work?
  • Who will handle the payments to me?
  • Can I sell my shares/loans before the expiration of the xxx project or transfer to a third party?
  • What does it cost to invest on [name of platform]?
  • Will I receive confirmation when my deposit has been received?
  • Do I automatically receive a copy of the counter-signed investment agreement?
  • To where is my investment transferred and what happens to my money?
  • How is my deposit secured against fraud?
  • How do I track my investment?
  • Why do you need my account number when I invest?
  • How often will the xxx project inform its investors about the progress?
  • Who is responsible for executing the strategy for the xxx project?
  • In the xxx project, who is responsible for using the money for the right purposes?
4. Secondary market (if active on the platform/portal)
  • Who can put shares/loans from a xxx project up for sale?
  • Who can buy the shares/loans for sale?
  • Who determines the price of the shares/loans that will be put up for sale?
  • How soon can I expect my shares/loans to be sold?
  • Does the buyer or seller pay a fee to [name of platform]?
  • Is the secondary market the same as an exchange?
5. Legal
  • The security behind digital signatures
  • What is the legal role of [name of platform]?
  • Regulation of [name of platform] and financial authorities
  • Does [name of platform] have control over the xxx project?
  • Official public information about the company behind [name of platform]
  • Who should I contact if a dispute arises with the xxx project?
6. Profile
  • Do I need to remember my password when using email (magic link) for log-in?
  • Why do I need to provide a social security number and upload a photo ID?
  • How do I delete my personal information?
  • I forgot my password - what do I do?
  • How do I create an investor profile?
  • Does it cost money to be an investor on [name of platform]?
  • Do I commit to investing once I have been created myself as an investor?
7. Risks
  • What happens if xxx projects goes bankrupt?
  • What happens if the xxx projects run out of money?
  • What happens if [name of platform] goes bankrupt?
  • What happens if the management or board of directors of the xxx project is replaced?
  • What happens if the xxx project does not reach the funding target before the deadline?
  • What happens if the funding round is oversubscribed?
  • What happens if a xxx project does not pay the interest rate on time?
  • Do I have influence on xxx projects in which I invest?
  • Do I need an investment advisor?
  • What due diligence does [name of platform] do on the xxx projects on the platform?
  • General risks associated with investing in xxx projects
8. Tax
  • Reporting to local tax authorities as a private individual
  • Reporting to local tax authorities  as a company investor

Some Final Tips and Tricks

  • Put in video/graphics under the most asked questions for even better understanding. It does take a while to produce, but it will definitely pay of in terms of conversions.
  • Short direct answers are better than long ones.
  • Be transparent. Trust above all.
  • Responsiveness. Make sure the FAQ works well and looks nice on mobile devices as traffic from marketing and newsletters are often from mobile devices.
  • Put yourself in the investors shoes; What do I need to know so I’m comfortable in investing.

For more inspiration, see our guide How to launch a crowdlending or crowd equity campaign which also describes how you should use newsletters and how you should use paid ads.

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