November 24, 2021

Why CleverAdam will become “the new normal” within fundraising

At we are on a mission to “unlock private wealth by making online investments as easy as online shopping”.
In this blog post our two creators (Anders and Thor) would like to describe why we believe that CleverAdam will become the new normal within crowd investing.

We will do this by covering these topics:

  1. What we do
  2. The problem and the paradigm shift
  3. Why this is relevant (to you)
  4. “The new normal”
  5. If you want to raise funds (or have your own investment platform)

Easy-to-use White-label SaaS for Crowdfunding and investments is a white-label crowdfunding solution (a SaaS product) that makes it easy for companies to attract, convert and retain crowd investors by mimicking well-known e-commerce strategies. And powerful backend tools make it easy for companies to launch funding campaigns and to handle crowdfunding investments of any size and number.
There is full support for equity, lending, convertible notes, reward, and donation campaigns - and the solution can be used by both companies raising funds to themselves and people who want to launch an actual crowdfunding platform. allows you to launch a crowdfunding platform without requiring any technical skills. Each platform comes with sane design defaults, making for a quick and easy setup process. 
But is actually a fully customizable Investment Management Platform where you have full control of your own investment platform/solution, which can be fully integrated to your own website (and in your own design). Built-in integrations with some of the most used SaaS tools like Zapier, Contractbook, Hubspot etc. can be set up in just a few clicks giving a boost to your productivity.

With this solution you are giving the opportunity - and responsibility - to raise funds easily online.

The Problem and the paradigm shift

A few decades ago it was normal to sell your products via retailers, which was slow and costly. With the introduction to the Internet online commerce became “the new normal” when  selling products. The e-commerce space eventually evolved into cloud-hosted webshops that could be easily integrated into your own domain, from where you could prepare, market and sell products to consumers.

For many years the norm within fundraising has been to use the traditional channels like banks, investor networks, government funds, offline meetings/events and to some extent also venture capital funds, which in most cases would prove to be a slow, costly and uneven experience. And you often rely on other people's effort.

To speed up fundraising, onboarding of investors, getting rid of manual processes and tedious paperwork and staying unique and maintaining control of your own brand, there’s an obvious advantage of going online with your own platform  - No matter if you are a company raising funds to yourself or a company launching an actual investment platform.

That step requires a technical white-label solution for presenting the campaign/product and for handling the investment/signing flow - And until now, white-label solutions have been very costly, quite complicated to navigate and IT heavy to implement. With this is about to change.

Why is This Relevant to you?

Two simple questions:

  1. Do you want to raise funds for a project, a company, a NGO, a fund, a syndicated investment or similar?
  2. Do you believe that the online space holds good opportunities to reach out to thousands of people?

If yes, then continue reading.

With you no longer have to deal with slow and exhausting fundraising processes, but instead do what you do best like growing your business, increasing knowledge, creating more jobs or supporting your local community. is the easy-to-use and fully integrated e-investment platform for presentation and management of investment campaigns, for digital investment products, for syndicated investments, and for raising money for new funds.
It’s a one-stop-shop with everything you need out of the box to successfully launch and manage your funding campaign - all within a matter of days.

Like Shopify makes it easy to launch and manage an online store, is setting out to make a “Shopify from crowdfunding”, making it easy to launch and manage a crowdfunding platform.

What if selling investments from your website could be just as easy as selling products from your website, wouldn’t it be cool? That’s possible now!

To sum up “The New Normal” introduces “a new normal” that democratizes and gives small and medium companies a simple, intuitive and easy solution to design, launch and manage their own “investment webshop” from their own website.

Your company brand is unique, so you should have a fundraising solution which is completely aligned with your brand identity being fully integrated into your website. You shall present and maintain your uniqueness, and be in full control of the entire flow from happy lead to loyal investor.

Getting many (minor) investors via crowdfunding is beneficial to you, as you now have a large crowd of ambassadors who can promote you and “open doors”. We give you a power tool to do just that.

Whether it is platform owners, founders, digital investment products providers or fund/Venture Capital managers, clearly wants to set you and your organisation free, so you can turn the investment process into something that helps your business grow instead of something that will consume your time, money and energy.

Do You Want to Raise Funds?

If you are into crowdfunding/crowd investments and believe (like us) that the crowdfunding space will boom this decade, then this is your chance to get started raising money today in a fast, easy and affordable way.

Do you think that all this is “the new normal” within fundraising? Let us know at

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